‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!’ Matthew 25:40 NLT

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Looks like a scene out of London Underground from WW2 bombings- except it is Ukrainians seeking shelter from Russian bombings in 2022. We were gathered at a ministry center talking about my frontline visits in August with the military chaplains- when we heard rather sharp bangs.
We got the team moving toward a deep basement/shelter. We all heard the sound of a third rocket coming in. I was able to turn and look up and saw the rocket descending toward our area.
We are praying for the safety of people with Bishop Valery in the center at the back of the wall. Military Chaplain Eugene is to his right photo. Chaplain Paul- the son of the Bishop- is left of his father in photo.
We are with men from the ministry center run by Chaplain Eugene.


The third rocket struck a power plant. We saw the smoke when we came up. As we drove a back road out we could see flames shooting up. Power was out in the area. People were on the streets looking. Intersections were dangerous with traffic lights out and cars crossing in all four directions.
Buses running on the electric wires were sitting still. A few major intersections had a police officer trying to direct traffic w flashlights.

Edward Smith

We were grateful to verify that the group of church women helping in the humanitarian aid storage building that had left earlier- were safe- the rocket attacks coming in not long after they passed near the power plant.
It was a day of attacks on the power infrastructure of the Ukraine. Striking civilian targets. Causing Blackouts. These are terrorist attacks.
They do not stop the Ukrainian army.
They will not weaken the resolve or spirit of the free Ukrainian people and nation.
We pray Gods mercy and peace over this nation.

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Roman always tries to share Ukrainian cultural places and good food. Welcome to my Ukrainian village. Design, artwork, style are all based on traditional Ukraine. Gardens with flowers and even an original bee hive shaped barrel. Even headed to a war zone you can enjoy stops along the way!

August 14, 2022

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WEST, Texas — The West Police Department is celebrating its chaplain after a trip to bring food and supplies to Ukrainians.

Chaplain Edward Smith spent two weeks in Ukraine with his non-profit, Mission Harvest, and saw the destruction of the war with his own eyes. More

The 30th year of Mission Harvest America

On April 22, 2021 the 30th year of Mission Harvest America was celebrated with a banquet in Jacksonville, FL, honoring the founder and CEO of MHA, Dr. Dewey Painter. This event also marked the official transfer of the humanitarian and disaster relief services from Jacksonville, FL to Denton, TX. Dr. Dewey Painter, along with Dr. Gary Adams, were each presented a medallion from the Dr. Edward Smith Award for Chaplaincy, recognizing their contributions in this area. Many volunteers received Certificates of Recognition for their faithful service to Mission Harvest America. Dr. Painter continues as CEO of MHA, and will continue his activity with Native American tribes initiatives, including Health Education and Awareness. He is very active in international education, as he is the Executive Director of IEPAA (International Education Professional Accreditation Association) and is the Chancellor of Taongi National University in Liberia.

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